Scarlett Shearwood : Freelance Illustrator and Designer

I am a self-taught artist and illustrator based in Leeds. I love experimenting with different media and techniques, working primarily in digital, with experience also in traditional watercolour and oils. Hand-drawn illustration is my speciality, and I take real pride in my skills that I have spent hundreds – probably thousands? – of hours in developing.

I have experience illustrating for the web, and a passion for working in concept art and character design.

My speed is my biggest strength. I do a lot of quick drawing and gesture drawing and don’t like to spend longer than 2 mins capturing a pose.

Honestly though, if it gets me drawing and creating – from cheesy Christmas cards to corporate business cards – then i’m all over it.

Drop me a line and see what hand-drawn custom and original illustration can do for your article, blog post or business. Commissions are currently open <3

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    You can email me at contact@scarlettshearwood.co.uk

    Find me on Behance.net or on LinkedIn.com or on ArtStation.com