Scarlett Shearwood : Freelance Illustrator and Copywriter

Hi! I’m Scarlett.

I’m a multi-disciplinary creative based in Leeds. My work has been described as ‘spontaneous’, ‘fun’, and ‘full of personality’, which just about sums me up creatively.

A former copywriter, design and illustration is my main game these days. Essentially: I love to draw, and can write my way out of a plothole in a pinch.

I primarily work in digital, but I enjoy experimenting with lots of different media and techniques. Think crayon, pastel, comte, watercolour. Anything that I can whip out on the train or in a coffee shop… and won’t stain the carpet.

More importantly, I am experienced in creating everything from business cards to christmas cards. So if you have a creative project in mind, reach out and touch…the contact form below.

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    You can email me at contact@scarlettshearwood.co.uk

    Find me on Behance.net or on LinkedIn.com or on ArtStation.com