Scarlett Shearwood : Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer

To say I love to draw would be an understatement. I live to draw. That’s why – at the tender age of thirty – I finally plucked up the courage to apply my creative skills to a career in the arts.

I often try to inject a sense of humanity, humour, or surrealism into my personal projects. I love experimenting with different media and techniques, and take real pride in my creative skills.

That’s why I am constantly teaching myself new things, completing structured paid courses on Udemy alongside free tutorials on Youtube (who doesn’t love a bit of Stan Prokopenko ?!). I take an active role in design and artistic communities on Instagram and Reddit in order to grow my knowledge, connections, and visual library. I also regularly attend courses hosted by local academic institutions, including fantasy art and digital painting at Swarthmore Education Centre Leeds. Alongside this, I often attend life drawing sessions hosted by Leeds Drawing Club and am currently completing the drawabox.com series of practical lessons. I am also looking forward to signing up to Schoolism soon to further upskill my digital painting techniques.

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    You can email me at contact@scarlettshearwood.co.uk

    Find me on Behance.net or on LinkedIn.com or on ArtStation.com